What are the long and short term effects of obesity?


Just like other chronic diseases, obesity also has its own long-term and short-term consequences for health. Generally speaking, it is very important to be able to understand the short and long term consequences of obesity to health, so it is able to determine the best treatment and prevention, you can utilize.

Short-term effects of obesity

When talking about obesity, it means that the body mass index of 30 or higher. Once it would be higher body mass index, a different person suffering the consequences. These are considered short-term results of obesity


High cholesterol

difficulty standing and walking

problems with breathing during sleep and sleep disorders

is increasing the demand for cesarean deliveries

gestational diabetes in pregnant women

fertility problems, including decrease ovulation

problems with breathing during sleep and sleep disorders

long-term effects of obesity

Indeed, the short-term effects of obesity is not desirable. However, it is not because of the short-term effects are long-term consequences of obesity and these long-term effects are serious. Over time, the risk of obese individuals with the following health conditions:



Cardiovascular diseases

Sleep apnea


to type II diabetes


Aside from these long-term effects, pregnant women who are overweight are also exposed to long-term health conditions to their unborn babies . Pregnant women who are overweight, but are threatened miscarriage. Apart from that, birth defects, such as spina bifida also possible. For this reason, it is very risky an obese woman to get pregnant.

Some possible solutions and the treatment

While the genetics and disease has a significant role in the obesity, diet and lack of exercise is usually the main cause of obesity. Good thing, diet and exercise are factors that can be controlled or manipulated. You only need a motivation to succeed in your weight loss goals.

To prevent obesity, and adding to the world statistics, seek help from personal trainers Sydney to get more information on best practices and workouts that are suitable for you.


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