Obesity – a social problem, the solution of social


Governments and health professionals around the world increasingly worried, very worried. Post why? Because despite the best efforts to persuade people to eat a healthier diet and more exercise, the obesity epidemic is getting worse.

in 2050 in Great Britain 60% of men and 40% of women will be obese. The cost to the NHS more than £ 4000000000 per year and is rising more than £ 6000000000 2015 from a condition that is entirely preventable, it imposes unacceptable burdens on society. For millions of individuals is a life of unrealized potential, unnecessary health problems and very uncomfortable and unhappy old age. Obesity is set to sap the strength of the nation. This is the biggest health challenge we’ve ever faced.

Why is obesity crisis seemingly out of control? What is driving more and more people are becoming overweight or obese? Of course, it is about eating and lifestyle habits. We are all individually responsible for what our mouths and how much exercise we take, but there is a new dimension. Obesity has become socially contagious. The main reason for obesity is a social one.

What happened to being overweight or obese has become a new social norm. This is perfectly acceptable to be overweight or obese. I have not seen that out of the ordinary or different. If you are overweight or obese it is more than likely to overweight or obese friends. Stir for people who do not threaten or criticize you. It grows well in their company. In fact, friends have the greatest impact on body weight. You are almost 60% more likely to be overweight or obese if overweight or obese friends.

The discovery and implementation of new dimensions is actually offers some amazing opportunities that are transforming the treat obesity crisis. The basis for this optimism is that when obesity is socially contagious infectious socially then be thin also. This has become a social problem that social solution.

So far, all the weight loss programs have been directed at the individual. They have all been uniquely unsuccessful in carrying permanent weight loss. The best they supply short-term weight loss, but the weight returns more than 95%. The main reason is that they are not directed at the one thing that can deliver long-term weight loss, and this change in behavior.

The simplest and most effective way to change behavior is to learn new habits, slim habits. By changing some behaviors (habits), complex behaviors can be changed. This method is to use the Slim Habit behavior change program, which is also a very important component – support.

The social solution to the obesity problem lies in the community. Post why? For unparalleled support. Mobilizing and organizing are overweight or obese people have a divided community and giving them care, education, counseling – and good behavior change program, the power of the community to take the lead for a change. Do this, and have the means to end the obesity crisis.


Source by John McPhie

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