Obesity and overweight – do not mean the same thing


In order to why he was overweight and obese are different, you have to start defining these terms.

The medical community defines overweight as excess weight around.

However, this includes: fat, muscle, bone and water.

and obesity is defined as an excess of body fat.

So, as you can see, being overweight is not always unhealthy person, or even a weight problem.

For example, an athlete who has a large amount of muscle mass as a wrestler, a football player, a weight lifter, maybe all of them overweight in a healthy manner and are not obese.

So, we need to understand, such as obesity, not cosmetic problem, it is a health problem, serious, even for children.

to be obese throughout your body to work harder in order to carry the extra pounds of body fat. This includes the lungs, heart, kidneys and skeleton.

I remember when I was pregnant; transporting anything more than your own body (for example, food bags) for almost a torture: my legs and knees hurt, my heart a little rise, I feel tired, very fast, and their consolation was thinking of all these will be completed in a few months, but just think carry all that weight permanently!

some health problems associated with obesity

Heart Diseases
Respiratory problems
Psychological and social negative impacts
Pregnancy complications

now that we see some major health problems were obese, I will tell you the good news: Even a small reduction in weight can improve many health problems are already suffering.

People usually use the overweight and obese synonymous, but in fact they are not synonymous. A health problem, not the other …

Perhaps you feel terrible when you see your own image in the mirror, but the mirror does not reflect the real problem, the real problem is in you.


Source by Sophie Barbosa

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