Post treatment of obesity Cornsilk


Taking into account the speed and number of Having a high income battling obesity and overweight, one accepts the reason that health coaches and doctors from asking patients suffering of thousands of dollars disease. . Once the problem only in high income countries, overweight and obesity has been rising dramatically in low- and middle-income countries, especially in urban environments.

I got a call from my grandmother barely two weeks after a visit to attend my birthday. He called for a special dinner, a mother’s day. I was so eager to join the rest of my brothers again, and so took the job and left the second day with my girlfriend to spend a night with her. I got there in the afternoon and was so impressed with the young looking girl opened the door to welcome us when we rang the bell. Incredibly, my grandmother lost up to 15kg less than three weeks left. I expected that some pill box, when asked for the secret behind the rapid weight loss. Cornsilk? It was impossible to answer when he told me. My grandmother smile, sat me down and explained that he uses Cornsilk, honey and lemon to cut the fat 15Killo only two weeks. I found that very hard to believe him until I have some deep research and usefulness Cornsilk is convinced.

Cornsilk, botanically known as Zea Mays made from an herb stigmas, inside the yellow thread-like fibers in corn husks. The stigma of the female flower can be found in corn, grain, which is also known as corn, and a member of the grass family (Poaceae or Gramineae). According to my grandmother, she dries the Cornsilks and store them at home, instead of morning coffee, she always Cornsilk pure honey and lemon added. To make it work faster, according to him, “I Stop taking cholesterol foods, but lost much focus on the Cornsilk tea” .Today, he is young, beautiful and healthy. Losing 15kg of fat in just two weeks.

reference to my studies, I saw that Cornsilk is useful to cure a heart problem, jaundice, malaria. Cornsilk rich in vitamin K, which is useful in controlling bleeding during delivery conclusion, we will say the use Cornsilk those with obesity, as natural and without side effects, and not wasting money pills which rarely show any effect.


Source by Isaac Olapade

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