Childhood obesity – 10 mind blowing facts


I know that when studying obesity facts, quite a shock to all of you. However, it must remember that knowledge is indeed power in action. Are you ready to learn some information that you can actually save your life or the love of the man, if he does, he will soon learn seriously. Once you know the signs to look for, you can start working on a solution.

  1. When you hear someone talk about high blood pressure, you automatically think of adults diagnosed with it. Well, we have some interesting news for you. This could not be further from the truth. High blood pressure is certainly one of the risks of childhood obesity.
  2. Here’s another shocker for you. Did you not know that if a child is overweight, it will greatly increase the chances of them diagnosed with type 2 diabetes? In fact, there are a lot of these kids have pre-diabetes condition.
  3. How the child’s diet per day? For although a poor diet is not the only cause of this problem. This is certainly one of the main constituent elements. You know the old saying, you know what to eat. Well, I do not know the right word to use when we make it to the children to put into their bodies. Please monitor your diet!
  4. How does your child feel about themselves? I’m sure it probably wondering why I ask this question. Well, it’s important to know if your child some pressure problems or not feeling good tackle. This can lead to overeating. They sometimes use food to comfort themselves.
  5. Yes, genetics and hormones also play a role in the child’s weight. But I do not think for once that it is the only thing that can lead to obese children. Many obesity effect that we can look at. But you should know that all the facts, if you want to solve the problem.
  6. Does your child complain of joint problems? This is very common in children, which a lot of extra weight to carry around. Some common problem areas in the lower back and knees. It’s really not fair to the kids how to handle this!
  7. stroke and heart attack, some common crippling disease that these poor kids have to deal with sometimes. It’s really heartbreaking to think of every child issues such as these.
  8. How often do you feed your child fast food? The definition of obesity is simply a lot of eating the wrong types of food. Just cooking more!
  9. Have the child’s cholesterol checked lately? Since this is another issue that will go up very high, if the child’s weight is not under control.
  10. How well does your child sleep? Many times, when they are overweight difficulty breathing, which actually sometimes causes them to stop breathing for a short time. This is another one of those health risks of obesity, which can not be taken lightly.

Hopefully these facts will help you better monitor children’s weight status. A child at a time, to curb this issue. All it takes is some parents to love their children very much and is not that a little time and do what it takes.


Source by Annette Williams

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